Become a SOT Brand Ambassador

Who’s eligible?

-Artists/musicians (of all genres)
-Party promoters/Event hosts

Option 1: Freelance

-Audience growth
-Fans/supporters get a discount (specific codes will be assigned)
-No required time/contract or quota to meet
-B.A. gets percentage of profit and discount on SOT merch
-Fan gets 15% off w/ B.A.’s code
-B.A. gets 40% of profit from sales + discount on SOT merch ONLY! (not Saint Ondres)

$40 shirt -> Supporter pays $34 -> B.A. gets $14 -> S.O.T. gets $20

Option 2: Contract

-Audience growth
-On contract for certain period (must promote SOT for agreed period of time or sell amount of merchandise agreed to sell)
-If quota is hit within period B.A. gets 50% of profit made within that period
-Won’t get paid until end of contract period (Ex. Contract period is 4 weeks = paid after 4 weeks)
-Lump sum and chance to earn more money!
-Fans get 15% off SOT merch (SOT merch ONLY!)
-Make less than contracted amount = 40% of profit
-Make more than contracted amount = 60% of the bonus profit