Meet the Owner: My First Portrait

Meet the Owner: My First Portrait

Welcome to Saint’s Corner!

I’m super excited 
to give special insight on my journey and opinions on fashion related current events.


Today we’re going to take it from the top. The moment I know I would be success at fashion design. In 2017 I took on the hefty challenge of hand making a faux fur coat from scratch. At the time I wasn’t really making my own patters, just tracing clothes I already had, so there was just a lot of faith and vibes. Luckily, I am a self proclaimed visual learner so YouTube was all I needed. After a few days, and a few tears, I was finished with the coat and decided to show the world. 

When you are in the beginning stages of
your business you have to play every
role to get your business going. You are the
creative director, photographer, production
staff, social media marketer, and everything else
you need to keep business running smoothly.
This photo is one of the very first photos I took
of myself at my at home studio in my apartment.
I had made a fur coat for the first time and I
was so proud of myself! I started my clothing
line, Saint Ondres, in 2017 while I was still a
student attending Michigan State University. I
quickly learned I was going to have to learn how
to do many things, at least at a basic level, to
run my business. The first skills I decided to
tackle were modeling and photography.
It's so important to be able to put on your
creations and show your audience how good
you look and feel in them so energy transfers to them!


Fun fact: This photo birthed my love for at-home/DIY photoshoots, and self portraits!


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